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Occlusal Guards

One way to help prevent the damage of bruxism, TMJD and other conditions that may damage your teeth while you sleep is using an occlusal guard. Nighttime clenching and grinding creates stress on the muscles around the jaw, overloading the underlying nerve that contributes to migraine episodes, jaw pain and fatigue. These guards are customized precisely for each patient by taking an impression of your teeth. We then send these impressions and a fabricated model of your teeth to our lab where they construct a durable, yet comfortable appliance, that when worn at night relieves pressure on the muscles, joints, and nerves, reducing headache and pain frequency. We can construct full arch guards or if you have trouble wearing a full guard, we also offer a smaller, more tolerable alternative.

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Snore Guards

Dental snore guards (also knows as EMAs) are small, retainer-like devices that prevent soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airway. The primary treatment mechanism of opening the bite and gently moving the mandible (lower jaw) forward is achieved using interchangeable elastic straps that offer varying degrees of mandibular advancement. By holding the mandible forward, the EMA® maintains a clear airway to reduce snoring and improve breathing. Impressions of your teeth are taken and sent to our lab where the appliance is constructed. Once the appliance is returned to our office, the patient returns to verify fit and go over instructions for use and how to care for the appliance.

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Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Whether for a pro, or an amateur, a sport mouth guard is an essential piece of equipment that protects teeth from injury due to a physical blow to the face or an accident. Our custom-fit guards are constructed in-office and offer maximum impact dispersion and protection against mouth trauma, increased comfort and ease of speech, which enhances better communication while on the field. At the initial appointment, impressions are taken and because we construct these in our office, we can usually deliver your guard same day!

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    I've been going to Dr. Cook for over 5 years now. He is very personable to all his patients as well as Candice one of the hygienists there! Never had a problem with any work he has done for me!

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    I had an emergency and they fit me in the same day. They were so nice and caring. I highly recommend this office.

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